Monday, 17 March 2014

Teacher extraordinaire gets a new toy

Today was the day I have spent the last 3 months dreading - my presentation to a class of ten on a subject of my choice to demonstrate my teaching ability. Having lost my memory stick, changed the text on numerous occasions, broke the flipchart board at work practising, buggered up the laminator and this morning jamming the photocopier whilst printing off my powerpoint it's no wonder I was nervous. Surely nothing else could go wrong, could it?

Thankfully it didn't, a couple of schoolboy errors but at the end the applause from 10 students could be heard 3 buildings away. Took me 30 minutes to pick all the flowers up off the floor they threw at me. Believe that and you'll believe anything...... All in all, fairly pleased with how it went and one individual suggested if I could add another ten minutes then it would be a great subject for the WI groups.

Now, whilst undertaking a routine inspection at work the other day of the Riggers workshop it came to light that they had a set of lightweight extending aluminium ladders. These had actually been acquired when one of the Bay class vessels belonging to the RFA chucked them in a skip after having a new platform built to service their harbour pins on the lifeboat davits. The Riggers, seeing they were in perfect working order took them out of the skip and put them in their workshop. Now, having seen these ladders on Friday and quizzing the Riggers on how they complied with the company's Ladder Management policy it was disappointing to find out that they didn't comply so unfortunately I had no choice but to assist the Riggers in disposing of them.

They are now in my garage next to a Tawny Owl nest box................  :-)  

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