Sunday, 23 March 2014

I haven't done much outside lately. The weather has been fairly manky. I managed a walk down in the woods yesterday. 1st week of Spring??? Felt more like first week of winter. There was a couple of Robin, Dunnock and Wren singing, Great Tit's were vocal but apart from 2 Chiff Chaff singing against each other you would have thought it was that first week of winter....

This well/spring has recently been cleared

damage caused by recent gales

I've been off sick this week so used the opportunity to put my planks together into something far more useful than planks - 64 nest boxes to be precise. Will hopefully get all these up by Wednesday. The odd looking ones are open-backed Treecreeper boxes.

My garden has been picking up birdwise. Collared Dove numbers are rising from the usual  two up to seven yesterday, Jackdaw nearly 20 from a more usual number of eight. A single Goldfinch has returned but for the first time in months Rook's have been visiting. It's quite clear that down in the local Rookery females are incubating eggs as I have noticed today that the Rooks that visit furiously stab the fat balls then store the food in their throat pouches before flying off with a bulging pouch to feed the female on the nest. The pouch is accessed by an opening under the tongue. Due to the skin at the base of a Rooks bill being bare the pouch is very noticeable when containing food....