Sunday, 16 March 2014


Yesterday I had a dilemma - loads of nest boxes to get made up as soon as possible but Screwfix didn't have the screws that I wanted on Friday evening. They'd be in after lunch yesterday. I decided to use the brass screws that I had bought in hope that I would get at least 5 boxes made in the morning. I ploughed on and managed to get eight made up before finally running out of brass screws.

Down to Screwfix and my stainless ones were in - 3 boxes. I also decided to buy another packet of brass ones to replace what I had just used. Ran out - wont be in until Monday. I need them as the landowner whose land I am putting them on next weekend has requested that I mount them with brass screws.

This morning I headed out to Stithians and replaced half the boxes that were knackered by woodpeckers last year in addition to sweeping out the hides, clearing paths etc. Found a load of frog spawn so put a small amount in a jam jar for my dad's pond to enthuse my 4yr nephew and took it over to them.

Back home late afternoon and starting to cut wood ready to make up the next batch of boxes after work during the week. I was flying along, 14 planks cut, not many left when - bang, accompanied with a flash of light and the garage plunged into darkness

I had cut through the saw's electric cable.........

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  1. I'm hoping I can get one of those square plastic things tomorrow that electricians use to join wires together. Not shelling another £70 out on a saw if I can help it.......