Monday, 24 March 2014

First passerine nesting activity

Today it rained - again.

The morning was spent replacing trashed boxes at Stithians in the said rain. In a way it was worth it as it gave me the chance to see 30 Sand Martin with my two earliest ever Swallow's mixed in with them., my earliest by a whole week.

Thankfully after an hours nap after lunch it began to clear away and by 3pm I was on my way down to the woods to start putting up the boxes.

I'd stashed a load down in there in the morning and whilst returning to the stash to pick up a couple more I noticed a Thrush - Mistle Thrush. I haven't seen one of these for a long time so I stopped to watch it. Glad I did, a second appeared. They both started to pull lichen off the tree but my vantage point was crap - to watch them my vantage point was excellent but when they flew off to the nest they were building I lost sight of them. I did see them on two further occasions, I now have a reasonable idea of where the nest site is so I'll take a moment tomorrow to stand back and observe them again hopefully.

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