Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Crippling views of Chiff Chaff

In my garden!!!

I left home this morning to complete the boxes in the woods. Same old story, dry when I left home, as I arrived (on foot) it rained. It rained harder and harder until an hour later I was getting too wet, it was time to go home. Walking home I became drenched.

Change of clothes, and a couple of hours later just after lunch it stopped. The sun came out and with it the insects and with it a Chiff Chaff in my garden - the first ever Chiff Chaff in my garden. A pleasure to watch as it furtively darted between the roses and hydrangeas feeding on the insects. Under the BTO's Garden Birdwatch survey this becomes my 49th species inc Butterflies etc. I wonder what the 50th will be and when.

Time to get moving though and down the woods again where I managed to get the last of the Tit boxes up. Tomorrow if it's raining it'll be waterproofs on as I want to get the 10 Treecreeper boxes up. Achieve that and job done, time to get nesting.

Chiff Chaff was in the garden again when I came home....

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