Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Condor Rapide docked today, an aluminium fast cat. The vessel only had 6 inches of clearance either side of the dock walls. Such is the manoeuvrability of these vessels the Captain was able to bring his vessel in without tugs despite the minimal clearances. 

Anyway, thanks to Lou Mary for her comment on the last post, I have now got my prototype Treecreeper box made. I'm not 100% happy with it however once I see it mounted I may change my mind about it. The box has no back, wedge design and I have overcome the fitting of the roof by screwing it down with two screws. Easy to unscrew for inspection and better than trying to hinge it from the front. (About time you commented Ola :-)  )

I received an e-mail today from Mark in Devon - whereas my Raven are doing nothing but kronking in the skies, his are hard at it as you can see below -

Although not always easy to see depending on angle these are typical Raven sites. You'll note the large mass of sticks and sheep's wool for lining but for those not familiar with Raven these nests are usually made where there is an overhang in the rock

Many thanks to Mark for giving me permission to show these images of his Raven sites........

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