Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Something was troubling me

and still is......

You see last night I thought long and hard about Treecreeper nest boxes. I'm not sure if it's getting an obsession or a fetish because they are in the woods near the house. Anyway, using a template of card I tried this Finnish design I have found. I then decided that it would be best left alone because my woodwork skills are crap. I thought that maybe an ordinary square box design like all my other boxes would be best apart from these boxes would have side entrances and no back. I then thought that if that was so easy and Treecreepers would use this design why haven't I seen anything similar for sale?

I decided to mix and match. I was to take a traditional wedge style box but without the back. Bravo, job done. I marked out my plank ready for cutting after work today.....

I went to bed and laid there thinking. Something wasn't right. It wasn't my college assignment, it wasn't the fact that if I wish to have a Polish holiday this year it's going to be in October. Something was niggling me. Then, after about 15 minutes it came to me  -a moment of sheer genius, one of those rare displays of intellectual brilliance where everything fell into place - I had marked the plank wrong!!! The box was to be of wedge design, in other words the width of the box gets thinner the further down you get. Why oh why then did I mark a 4.5" floor on my plank when the floor would be naturally created at the bottom.

I then slept well with sweet dreams........

Tonight it was back to the drawing board. I re-marked the plank and cut it. I picked up the two side panels ready to check for the fitting of the front piece. They didn't look right. I then realised that despite the tops were sloping ready for the roof everything else was square. I had inadvertently created my original idea. I cut the sides diagonally giving me two suitable sides for a wedge box. I cut the side entrance holes, the second side piece split rendering it useless. I started again, with just enough timber left. This time it was right. I fastened the two sides to the front. I looked at fitting the roof imagining the box without a back fitting against the rough barked style tree's that Treecreepers like. I wasn't happy with it, not happy at all. The box sits in my garage unfinished.

At least my screwdriver didn't slip stabbing my hand..........          

First signs of nest building tonight - Rook carrying a stick whilst I was cycling home!!!!


  1. It is so great that you care so much about making bird boxes and that you want to get them exactly right! Lucky birds where you live! I'm sure you'll figure out how you want it to look when it's finished. You'll probably see something or read something that will inspire you!

    1. Thanks Lou Mary and you are dead right - I did read something that inspired me - your comment!! Got the box sorted out tonight, not entirely happy with it however when I take it out on Saturday it might just change my mind and I'll like it. Thanks Lou