Thursday, 27 February 2014

A quiz and a story

Over the weekend at work there was a bit of an incident that has come to light. Someone within the docks heard a Peregrine in distress, the bird was constantly calling from inside the yacht shed of our neighbours. Anyway, this individual phoned the dock's Police, the policeman was on his break and being covered by an external security guard. The security guard phoned the RSPCA especially as Peregrine is a fully protected species by law. Despite being out of office hours the RSPCA duly sent round an officer to investigate. The officer once inside the shed soon found out that the Peregrine in distress was a plastic model giving out a Peregrine call to deter pigeons from entering. He was not best pleased......

Well, I thought it was funny.......

This week we have an auditor in from Lloyds Register to check compliance of our systems. Anyway, turns out his brother in law is a bit of a nester and he gave me the link below -

It's a Norwegian site and contains all sorts of information including bird quizzes from many countries either calls or photo's. To test myself for a holiday I'm booking I decided to do a visual test of Poland's birds. Now I wish I hadn't. My score was too embarrassing to give on here. I'm a British nester, how the hell am I suppose to correctly identify a female Stellars Eider!!!!!

Magpie acting suspiciously on the way home tonight - need to watch that one.......      

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