Saturday, 23 November 2013

Woody & Woody

Last weekend I got very little done. I did have a good 4 hr mooch on the coast for Stonechat but that was it. That evening I started feeling rough, Sunday I went to work lasting little more than an hour before going home again feeling like crap. To be confined to base on a dry day at the weekend was so annoying. Monday I was worse again, getting out of bed at 6am for work and getting back in it 20 minutes later. This wasn't man-flu, in the last five years I've had 2 days off sick. Today I'm better but still not 100% so apart from cleaning out a dozen boxes at Stithians I've got nothing done again. I did manage to flush a Woodcock whilst cleaning them, my first for the season (and probably last). I also had half an hour in the hide watching the feeders when across the way a Green Woodpecker called out.
The more I think about it the more the coastal strip below will become my No1 nesting patch next year. It also looks to be decent habitat to do some mentoring there as well as the disturbance is minimal and the habitat is short heather and gorse. The coastal strip pictured below will be covered from Hells Mouth to Western Cove from the cliffs to the coast road until Crane Islands where it'll just be in the vicinity of the path. 

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