Saturday, 16 November 2013

4 miles of chat

This morning was an 4 mile walk from Portreath to Hells Mouth and 4 miles back. It was actually going to be a quick walk from Tehidy to Portreath then drive to Hells Mouth to check Fulmar numbers but as the wind was down, no sign of rain, quite warm, I decided to check out the viability for nest recording the whole area for seabirds and passerines. The walk took around 4hrs stopping off now and again, 30 species of bird were seen although I was staggered by the amount of Stonechat's. I was expecting around 3-4 pairs, in total I must have had around a dozen. If they are still around in April next year I might be able to get a few  records as 75% of the habitat is recordable without trashing it unlike Stithians where probably 75% is high bramble which would just be trashed. It was a great walk, hardly saw a soul unlike Stithians that is over run with dog walkers, the only down side to this morning was in 4 hours I never saw any Raptor's. So images from the walk -

The gorse is now coming into flower -  

The section of collapsed coast path I reported the other week is now closed with a diversion built -

Portreath Western Cove is behind me, this is looking towards Hells Mouth, Hells Mouth is located by the arrow. This area should hopefully be my nesting area next year. 

These I am assuming used to belong to a Woodcock until an untimely meeting with a Peregrine. I wonder if the Wooodcock was using this habitat or was a tired migrant fresh in off the sea providing easy pickings for the Peregrine

I was supposed to be cleaning boxes out this afternoon but after 8 miles of walking I'll enjoy a couple of these instead -


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