Sunday, 1 December 2013

Ringing this morning

I didn't do much yesterday apart from a visit to the coast in the afternoon. Sue from the Cornwall Seal Group sent me an exact grid ref of where they had seen breeding Kittiwake and Guillemot earlier in the year whilst carrying out a Seal survey from afloat. Unfortunately having found the place it is totally inaccessible from the land to nest record. Real shame and a potential 100 nest records gone begging. The red arrows point to the ledges which are a sheer drop to the sea, probably 30-40ft or more -
Today we held a Ringing Open morning at Stithians, the idea being that a mist net is erected behind the feeders, Mark then brings any trapped birds into the hide to give people close up views of birds whilst explaining how to age birds, moult patterns, ring sizes, the equipment used etc -

so here's a few images -

Ringers kit box

Mark extracts a Blue Tit

The assembled interested party

Long-tailed Tit

Colour rings for an urban Herring Gull project

Reed Bunting

Checking wing size of a Blue Tit


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