Thursday, 14 November 2013

Gaining confidence

Went down the road again tonight, dry, very little wind until I got to the open field where I heard a pair of Tawny calling the other night. Wind was ripping right through here so I moved down to the church. Very sheltered here so I hung around for a while but it started to get a bit creepy. No lighting etc so I moved back up the road to the field. Standing in the gateway trying to listen, I was really wishing I had binned my trousers. Standing in strong wind at 7pm in November, large hole in gusset of trousers is not a good combination. I decided to go back home for a warm up and cup of tea when - hoooot. Bloody 'ell. Back down to the church out of the wind and he hooted again followed by the female calling. Nice one.

They sounded to be around the same place as the other night so my idea 3 months ago of where I would site a box may not be all that far out after all.

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