Wednesday, 13 November 2013

3 2 1 and breathe......

It's been dry all day. yes all day. Another opportunity to nail this elusive possible Short-eared Owl after work. I pulled up in the same place and began to scan. Nothing. It was bloody freezing there tonight and getting dark early. I questioned what I was doing there. I'm a nester. The bird isn't breeding. They don't breed in Cornwall. It's November. They don't breed in November. What was I doing there? I couldn't answer the question so that was enough - home.

After tea I wrapped up and walked down the road to listen for Tawny Owl again. This had a purpose - boxes. 10 minutes later I arrived at my spot to stand and listen - it peed it down! I took shelter for a few minutes and it began to clear up. Unfortunately it stayed lightly raining. The wind had got up as well. I decided it wasn't going to happen so I went home. I got home and it stopped raining. The wind died down as well.........

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