Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Two dips but I had hoot anyway

After work on the way home there was only around 30% cloud cover and no wind so I stopped off at the top of the road to try to nail the possible Short-eared Owl I had Sunday morning. I've also had Barn Owl here as well so hopes were high.

I parked in the lay-by, got out and for a split second my eye caught an erratic flying raptor which disappeared before I had chance to get the bins on it. I'm assuming it was a Buzzard being mobbed. There was a large volume of traffic on the road which didn't really show much signs of quietening off and by 5.30pm I had all but given up hope. No Owls, in fact all I did get was a few Snipe and an alarm calling Blackbird.

After tea it was a walk in the opposite direction, this time down to the woods again to listen for Tawny Owl before my boxes end up on Ebay. I thought I heard a male hooting, stood there and listened and bingo - male hooted again from an area that sounded close to where I had previously thought my box will probably go. I stood there for a few more minutes and nothing. Just as I was about to return home the female called. She was close, definitely in my target area so I'm now a lot more hopeful than this time last week. What I wasn't expecting at 8.15pm was a load of Jackdaw noise from their roost with the odd Magpie chacking as well.    

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