Wednesday, 4 September 2013

They're back and just as noisy

They are noisy, chatty, magnificently plumaged but more importantly they have returned to my garden. Who? Starlings, that's who. As I was weeding behind the cover of a buddleia this morning 22 of them came down on to the feed tray containing seed and suet pellets. Now here's the interesting bit - two days ago I put the seed tray out for the first time since April so have they returned as a result of this or is it pure coincidence? There are up to 70 of them on the street during winter but today is the first time I've seen them since the breeding season started, Starlings being multi brooded.  
Below is an image of what my garden used to look like, full of weeds, no path, no interest and unloved. The image was taken when it was actually looking quite good to what it has looked like in the last two years. Note all the Starlings as they make use of free winter suet balls.  

Onto better days and the second pond was completed today although devoid of plants. It wont be planted for a while due to getting stung £100 on Sunday for two new car tyres.

A small rockery has been created by the right hand side feeders, wire still needs to be run along the walls to train the Cotoneaster horizontalis. You can see the red berries emerging to provide winter food.

The bottom section will be left bare soil, this is the House Sparrows dust bath. The log edging will hopefully be complete on the other side tomorrow and is made up of willow following opening up the views at Stithians. Some of it already has lichen and fungi growing on it.

The herb garden still needs some work. The Buddleia will be hard pruned after flowering and moved to the other side with the other buddleia's.

The garden is slowly being transformed from an unloved, hated, embarrassing  shitpit into an area that I not only enjoy being in, but enjoy working in and all because it's not cosmetic or materialistic for the neighbours benefit or to win Camborne in bloom - it's done for Nature......

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