Monday, 2 September 2013

8 Fulmar left and nude snorkelling.....

Today we went over to the coast for the Fulmar which should have started leaving the ledges now to fledge at sea. As soon as we had arrived it was evident fledging had begun. From 28 pairs laying a single egg each back in May, all 28 had hatched, 3 chicks disappeared presumed predated or died in bad weather leaving 25 chicks last weekend at the feathers large stage. Today only 8 remain and these are expected to have gone when I next visit on Saturday. 
Below is one of the chicks that was teetering on leaving. The bird was close to the edge, stretching and strengthening it's wing muscles 

After many attempts to coax the bird off the ledge this adult gave up for a rest.

Did the bird go? Nah, it turned round and went back into the scrape it's sat in for the last two months!

We also went for a walk to find Peregrine, didn't see any but did hear one on the cliffs. Three old blokes asked  how to get down to the beach below just round the corner. Before I had chance to speak Tracey butted in to say it was a nudist beach. They said they weren't bothered about that as they were going snorkelling. Is that what they call it these days??

Meanwhile, in my garden (which doesn't have a nudist beach or snorkelling activities in the new pond) I counted another record breaking number of Small Tortoiseshell - 31 to be precise

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