Thursday, 5 September 2013

Almost done before weather closes in

It's been a lot cooler today, good weather for one final push in the garden to near completion. The wire has been mounted on the block wall to train the cotoneaster, the other side of the path has now been edged with the willow with a couple of the larger pieces being placed either side of the left hand feeders.
Here are some ariel shots taken out of the bedroom window -   
the two ponds

Where the trunk behind the feeders rises off the ground is probably high enough to hang a small 2 ball fat ball feeder from to assist those that cant hang off feeders to get some winter suet.

Two jobs I have to finish are the patio and the front door step. The slabs are laid for the patio but I need to finish the edging and then put my bench in there. Unfortunately the bench wont be here for at least another week yet but it's a corker. Just right for a wildlife garden. The trellis should screen us from the half-wits next door!

Finished today just in time as it's now come over rather dark, has started  spitting rain. Tomorrow's forecast looks evil, typical as I was thinking of trying to close out the eight remaining Fulmar nest records. 

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