Sunday, 18 August 2013

What do we do when NOT nest recording?

Well, this afternoon I've been working in the garden.

My garden has been a mess for two years whilst trying to decide what to do with it. Having weeded it all a few weeks ago and finishing off the stepping stone path I have finally got around to creating a pond. I dug it out a couple of weeks ago and it looked ok.

Last weekend after digging it a little deeper, I lined it all with sand then placed in the pond liner. Having packed it into the corners I then filled it with water. It was at this point that I realised the pond to be was quite a bit larger than it looked when it was just a hole in the ground.

We let the weight of the water settle the liner for a week until today when we trimmed it up, put some plants in, lined it with some granite stones and put a bit of soil around the back of it.

So, a couple of hours this afternoon and £140 quid on plants this -

has been transformed to this -

This still quite a bit of work to do yet including laying granite chippings up to the pond, removing the sacks of soil and fitting a trellis arrangement that will enable us to sit on a bench in front of the pond and laying some granite paving slabs. Tracey also wishes to  place a Buddha statue under the bush by the block wall that will find itself home to a climbing rose.

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