Sunday, 25 August 2013

A first on WeBS

Today I carried out my first WeBS count at Stithians since April, this due to the fact that the summering birds are either breeding or moulting. A strong NE wind was blowing keeping the open water choppy and empty of birdlife. The water levels have been dropping though to reveal quite a bit of mud around the margins. Waders are starting to put appearances in and today a very special one appeared. It was pretty much the last bird of the day and was showing well - a Ruff

Ruff's may not be all that special to most but when it's the first one to be counted on WeBS at Stithians since counts began on Sat 25th Sept 1965 then it's fairly special to me.

The list for the day -

Tufted Duck 9
Moorhen 13
Coot  45
Little Grebe 15
Grey Heron 15
Cormorant 15
Mallard 26
Teal 9
GC Grebe 2
Greenshank 1
GBB Gull 1
LBB Gull 2
Herring Gull 26
BH Gull 1
Common Sandpiper 2
Curlew 1
Ruff 1

Tomorrow it's over to the coast for Fulmar nest recording

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