Saturday, 17 August 2013

Season drawing to a close

I missed a post last week for no particular reason so I thought I'd definitely write one tonight.

There's an eerie silence on the coast now, all the Auks have left, the Gulls have quietened down and even the Jackdaw have left.

The only nest records I have going at the moment are Fulmar on the coastal site. Most of the adults have left now for their moulting grounds, the chicks will be gone within the next fortnight. They are all pretty much fully grown, some with down on still. The area has produced five more nests than it did last year although three have disappeared, too young to leave to fledge at sea.

On the path I scored a new species for the area - Green Woodpecker as it fed on insects. Reasonable passage of Gannet to day as well. 112 Shag were present, most of them juveniles and singles of Buzzard and Raven drifted overhead calling as they passed

Tomorrow I might spend a bit of time looking for Woodpigeon nests. 

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