Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A kick up the arse

came from an unexpected source today.

I've tried to spend as little time on the 'net as possible lately but an e-mail that I read from Steve in Ireland sort of made me think that I really should make an effort to post. Some-one also commented last week that people might actually like  reading it so as it's peeing down outside, the Tour de France has finished here goes -

My coastal site has seen mass fledging of sea birds, nest records gained for 51 pair of Guillemot, 12 pair of Razorbill. Another Cormorant nest has failed with the young (2) both dying. The Fulmar have now started to hatch with young or eggshell present on 4 ledge sites on my last visit. On the reservoir patch I've possibly missed a Little Grebe nest, the hide logbook claims an adult with 4 chicks. I did however definitely miss a Great Crested Grebe nest that fledged one young due to my waders being chucked out and not bothering to buy any more.

There's an area of heather, gorse and open grassland 10 minutes walk from my house called Bolenowe Moor which I checked out a few nights ago for possible nesting next year. Looks promising, we'll have to see.

It's nice to be back and - thanks Steve....

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