Monday, 26 August 2013

Almost silent

I went to the coast this morning before the crowds arrived to count the Fulmar chicks. They are now all at the feathers large stage and have finally lost all their down. Another two weeks and they'll be at sea. All the chicks continue to survive but adults have now dropped down to ten despite 27 chicks being present as they leave to coast to moult. Only 21 Shag were on the rocks compared to 112 last week and Herring Gulls have dropped from over 100 birds to just 10 this morning. The place would have been totally silent if it wasn't for two Raven mobbing a Buzzard and two Wren singing.

I've done a bit more in my garden today, hopefully on Wednesday I'll have a couple of images to post as I push on before starting the next project - making  a load of nest boxes for next year...... 

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