Saturday, 31 August 2013

New species for the garden

Paid a quick visit to the reservoir this morning, nice to see 4 Shoveler have arrived as have 6 Snipe. Teal numbers are gradually increasing with 28 visible.

I ventured into the garden this afternoon having done nothing in it today. The purpose was to photograph some butterflies on the Buddleia, one I was not expecting was this one -

The Wall Brown is a brand new species for the garden and will put a smile on my face when it's uploaded to Garden Birdwatch tomorrow.

My Collins Guide to British Insects say this species likes to bask on bare ground - it isn't wrong

The second pond in the garden using left over material from what was supposed to be the first and only pond is now built, lined and filled -

The edging will be in place in a couple of weeks time. The  view of both ponds is -

No dragonflies have visited yet but I live in hope.

Also had a recently fledged Goldfinch on the nyger feeder this evening begging for food. A whole feeder of seed and too young to work out how to get the seed out choosing instead to flutter it's wings and wait......

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