Monday, 3 June 2013

Some proper images

Had a quick look at four boxes tonight at Stithians, Great Tit in one box have definitely deserted, Blue Tit chicks 1-2 days old look as though they maybe struggling in another one. The third box checked had 5 Great Tit that are ready to fledge and the last one still had an incubating Great Tit.

On the water a pair of Coot look as though they have one chick remaining from their brood, another chick probably about a week old was also found. Nice sight but it means that somehow how I failed to find their nest. Did find another two likely candidates for nesting though so will check these out tomorrow.

Matt came out with me yesterday, seeing day old Cormorant chicks and Oystercatchers eggs were a first for him. Matt has very kindly sent me two of his images, not quite to the standard of my digiscoping but with a bit of practice I'm sure Matt will get there ha ha

Two day old chicks can be seen here with egg shell on the left behind the nest

One egg can be seen in this shot.
Many thanks Matt, great shots as always

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