Sunday, 2 June 2013

No disturbance

The disturbance and overgrown habitat around the reservoir recently has been concerning me so once again I headed to the coast today. There was a light N wind blowing in off the sea keeping temperatures down but altogether there was an ambient atmosphere with a few people having a look at was in my scope. Well, when I wasn't too near to the edge that was. I re-visited a Raven nest that I hadn't been to for at least a month. I never got an egg count on it but it does now contain two well grown young at "feathers medium". Some of the later Cormorant eggs are now hatching with two nests providing day old young and the eggs of the GBB Gull have begun to hatch, two downy young and one egg this afternoon. Guillemot numbers appear to be really good with approx. 135 on ledges including two "bridled" ones. Four hours of watching gave me another seven nest records although if I'd made more attempt with the Herring Gull I could have doubled that. There are two LBB Gulls breeding here, one was on two eggs, the other unknown. Bagged 'em both this afternoon with a three egg count on both nests.
GBB Gull on two x day old chicks and one egg 

Oystercatchers swap incubation roles. Note their two eggs in the thrift to the right

Two Raven chicks. Unfortunately the straw etc of the nest "burnt out" in the sun. Maybe one for a dull day photography wise

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