Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Fledging begins

It's a very strange season this year in the nest boxes. Last year was poor, this year is heading the same way quietly. Box P 03 has fledged hence the empty nest below. 4 x Great Tit away

Box A1 04 contains 5 chicks hatched today and 2 eggs

Box A1 06 contains two chicks from 5 eggs

Box A2 01 contains 5 Great Tit 

 Box A2 03 contains 5 Blue Tits from 9 hatched eggs

Box H 04 contains 7 Blue Tit from 7 eggs

Box H 08 contains 6 x Blue Tit from 6 eggs

Box P 01 9 Blue Tit from 9 eggs

Box P 03 7 Great Tit from 7 eggs

Box P 06 3 Great Tit and 1 egg 

At Stithians yesterday I also found this Coot nest - 4 eggs which probably isn't a full clutch
Also in the boxes I have another one at Stithians containing 5 Great Tit that are ready to fledge, a clutch of 6 that have been deserted and at Treslothan 10 metres away from the fledged Great Tits was another box unfortunately containing 3 dead Great Tit with one missing presumably removed by the adults. From 55 eggs I have 32 chicks still living although two boxes are still being incubated. There isn't a lot of life in the new borns, it appears that many could be in poor condition.

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  1. Great Tits are ahead of Blue Tits on my patches in Glamorgan. A few broods have fledged 3-6 young, with Blue Tits at least a week or more behind.

    Birds appear to be doing reasonably well, with few dead chicks in boxes. I've just one unhatched egg in a Blue Tit box.