Friday, 31 May 2013

A evening by the sea

Spent a lovely 2 1/2 hours on the coast at Hells Mouth this evening after work. Came away with 11 new nest records. I went there tonight because I wanted to find more Razorbill on eggs but got slightly more than expected. I picked up two of them but in the process grabbed 8 Guillemot on eggs (a new species) and my second Fulmar of the season on it's egg. From approx. 148 Fulmar nest records last year that I submitted only 2 were gained at egg stage so with another 4 weeks of incubation left at least hopefully I'll bag some more. I only got 2 Razorbill last year as well, both at chick stage so it was fantastic to get these at egg stage. 
Some digiscoped images
Behind the Shag a stray Guillemot egg can be seen

Guillemot moving its egg

Fulmar in what is probably an unused Shag nest

Two Fulmar indulge in courtship

It was really nice sitting there tonight and two of the Guillemot records were adjacent to each other on a small ledge - one with a brilliant deep blue/green egg, one with a white one.

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