Sunday, 17 March 2013

GS Wood's take up residence?

Had to go into work for a couple of hours this morning but out in time to get the last of my House Sparrow boxes ready, sort out repairs to two Tit boxes and check my Great Spotted Woodpecker box before lunch. A box was all but wrecked last season when a deep Great Tit box found itself being used by GS Wood's that scraped all the sides and floor to wafer thin thickness to create it's nest. Replacement box was put up this time with a 51mm hole, 12" depth and packed to the lid with a wood  chip product called Easibed. The wife uses it for her rabbits. Anyway, a quick check of the box today after hearing drumming yesterday  and 75% of the bedding has been thrown out so here's hoping.

Over at Hells Mouth and two Cormorant's on 4 eggs, two on 3 eggs, one on 2 eggs and one empty nest. Still no sign of the Raven re-using their nest on the islet in Hodder Cove. Fulmar numbered 90 and all Shag nests are still empty.

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