Saturday, 30 March 2013

Never assume

I didn't actually post last week for a good reason. The reservoir was covered in a damp mist suppressing any nest recording. Only thing of note was the Black Redstart that appeared in my garden leaving just as quick as it came.

Today at Stithians there was a lull in the recent weather. Light Easterly wind but still cold. Hardly a thing singing. In approx 2 miles of walking my total of singing birds amounted to 1 x Dunnock, 2 x Chaffinch, 1 x Reed Bunting. Plenty of feeding Chiff Chaff over the waters edge but no sign of any nesting activity from anything.

A try over at Hells Mouth gave mixed results. Upon arrival my blood was boiling when I saw the Coastguard on a training exercise over the cliff face right where the Fulmar sit. All of them flushed. Funny how the only time I see them train in this very public beauty spot is on sunny Bank Holiday weekends when they are guaranteed an audience. This time they brought the Police and RNLI out for a jolly as well. The Cormorants are now fully clutched with four on four and two on a small clutch of three. One nest still empty and a new one being built. Two Shag now on eggs, one on a full clutch of three and one on two. A small walk down the path and a new Raven nest was found, fully built but not yet in use.

Oh yes, I said never assume. A couple of hours after I got home Daniel rang to say some-one had committed suicide at Hells Mouth!

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