Saturday, 10 November 2012

Almost there

Managed to get a whole load of work done today. Put up a terrace of 5 House Sparrow boxes and went into Area 2 at Stithians and got all the boxes ready for next season.

The House Sparrow boxes are actually all damaged Tit boxes with new fronts drilled to a 32mm entrance hole.

This now means there are now 20 boxes in Area 1 with 8 boxes in Area 2.

Area 2 contains Coal Tit so some of the boxes are just above ground level with a 25mm entrance hole. As per Blue Tit and Great Tit, a clear flight path to the box is needed.

Here's an image of the House Sparrow terrace

Most of the remaining work now just involves fitting metal plates to the entrance holes, take down 3 boxes in Area 1 and check 2 boxes  in Area 3.

Images of Area 2 on now on the right hand side.

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