Sunday, 4 November 2012

It aint half muddy mum

Carried on getting the nest boxes ready today for the new season so hopefully i don't need to bother next year.

Brought back around a dozen boxes for repair, but not sure what to do with them really. Do i keep them as Tit boxes, convert them to Starling boxes or what? At the moment i have no locations for Starling boxes although i may find some around the village when i carry out my winter Thrush surveys.

I do need two though for House Sparrow as i can just about fit 5 in where they are going.

Anyway, who said nest boxes was easy? If they are i must have the hardest scheme in the South West! Continually tripping over bramble this morning, the area was sodden and the path was just a bog. It wasn't helped by the fact i left my leggings at home and the inevitable happened - calf deep in mud and water and my trouser leg comes out of the welly! Finished the job soaked in water and mud from the knees down

Was it worth it? Yeah because i know have 3 Great Tit boxes, 10 Blue Tit boxes and a GS Woodpecker box up.

With 3 boxes left to take down, 5 House Sparrow boxes to go up next weekend, a few metal plates and securing wire to add to some of the boxes, Area 1 at Stithians is almost complete.

The GS Woodpecker box was put up at a height of 2m so it'll be interesting if this is too low - the recommended height being 3m

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