Sunday, 11 November 2012

Twitcher extraordinairre?

certainly not, however the bird in question was far more intresting than any rarity. Sturnus Vulgaris or European Starling have been roosting en masse at Marazion, the thought of 35,000 of them roosting within a 20 minute drive was too much for me aided with being out of season for nest recording.

A mega rare trip away from my two nest recording patches saw me at the marshes around 3pm, rather early but no problem as i waited for a Bittern to fly across the reedbed. It didnt happen but a Spoonbill did drop in from behind and subsequently gave splendid views feeding in the open. A worthy replacement.

As the Water Rail's and Cetti's Warblers began to call out, the Starlings began to arrive in sixes and sevens.

Soon enough the flocks coming in were gaining in size and the surrounding fields and trees were just a moving black mass as the light began to fade. With many shapes being formed in the skies as the Starlings twisted and turned, a long line was formed as the masses flew over the reedbed to roost. The chattering was immense as they swayed on the reeds wary of a Buzzard flying overhead.

Ok, so it wasnt the spectacle that the Somerset Levels give but a 20 minute drive living in Cornwall makes it just as enjoyable.

Superb evening with the focus being on a common garden bird. Fantastic stuff......

The black mass encircled in red are the thousands of Starlings going to roost.

and yes - the noise in the video is coming from the Starlings and NOT background noise