Monday, 19 December 2016


Things are still slow in the garden but starting to pick up. A Firecrest was a most welcome record last week providing the 4th Garden Birdwatch record since 2010. Blackbird numbers have increased slightly, probably overseas migrants.
My post back in September on the creation of my wildlife garden has been altered slightly and used by the BTO Garden Birdwatch team and has subsequently appeared in their Bird Table magazine which dropped through my letterbox on Saturday. Well chuffed to see an article in print.
A walk through the woods last week gave two Song Thrush tuning up, not yet in full song.

My Fulmar survey of the local colony continues with data having been gathered every day this month so far. Numbers have peaked at 63 however with 32 there yesterday,16 when I arrived this afternoon and only 8 remaining when I left half an hour later I don't think it would be wrong to assume tomorrow will be a zero count.
With a storm approaching, the wind having changed from offshore southerlies to westerlies it looks as though the birds are heading out to the ocean again

The weather chart for tomorrow -

  as it makes it's way through the top of the UK and Iceland -

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