Saturday, 10 December 2016

Comprehensive Fulmar survey (Cornwall)

Haven't posted for a while as there's been very little to write about. The most interesting thing was probably the fact that BTO are using my garden wildlife post made in September in the magazine for the Garden Birdwatch survey - Bird Table

My garden has been very quiet lately although it is slowly picking up. 5 Blue Tits today equalled a garden record, the first and only winter Starling appeared  a few days ago with just a couple of examples from the expected species.

I monitor a local Fulmar colony as part of my Nest Record Scheme contribution however I have now decided to study the colony all year round taking particular note of winter numbers, breeding activity, weather conditions etc. I'm hoping the data collected will form the most comprehensive survey of a colony of Fulmar in Cornwall and will be an ongoing survey. After returning from mid ocean after the breeding season the peak count had been 32 recorded 3 days ago with numbers then dropping to 9 and subsequently 2 yesterday. With the bad weather today I was expecting the last two to have flown back out to sea so was pleasantly surprised to count 63. As time goes on maybe weather patterns could be used to predict numbers. We'll see.......

Fulmar with chick -

and two adults


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