Monday, 12 September 2016

More help for the bees

For 12 months or so the hydrangeas at the bottom of the garden have been troubling me. I hate digging up plants that are still living but these were already planted by the previous owner. Whilst many hydrangeas are sterile there are small insects that visit these flowers but no bees. Its time to dig them up, fix wood stakes to the wall and sit some trellis on top of the wall. This will block the view of passers by when I'm sat in the garden and should enable my intended plant - the dog rose (Rosa canina) to grow higher. I'm also going to put up trellis around my otter bench against my boundary walls to block out the neighbours and once again, plant dog rose or similar. This plant is great for bees and should hopefully improve wildlife over the hydrangeas. The area in front of the 1st image is kept clean for the sparrows dust bath so it'll actually give them a bigger area as well so the sparrows win as well as the bees.

 The two hydrangeas

Dog rose "Rosa canina"

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