Wednesday, 14 September 2016

colour ring sightings and the garden

I found three colour ringed Herring Gull on the local reservoir on Sunday and thanks to Mark Grantham I now have the life histories (below). All three were ringed locally by Mark. The tides are right this weekend for a visit to Hayle estuary to see what I can find down there.

Meanwhile in the garden, after last nights terrible storm which saw over 9 inches of rain in less than an hour with continuous thunder and lightning and even more in the early hours I was surprised to be able to get some gardening in tonight after work.

First job was to trim back the geranium that hasn't many flowers left on it which in turn uncovered "woodhenge". The photo's are not the best, it looks better in real life -

It consists of 8 standing woods with 2 top cappers at the back. The long piece bottom left is to mark the boundary of the feeding station.

I also planted 3 "perfect for pollinators" tonight in the form of Agastache "blue boa" pictured below

Huechera "cherry cola" in the foreground

Some of the sedum flower heads are looking great, others not so great

these (below) - Sedum raspberry truffle and Sedum sunsparkler Lime Zinker are not doing so well however they were reduced from £7.50 - £4 so I would imagine that next year's display will be far better.

Still plenty of flowers left on the cornflowers below

not too sure yet where to put this piece of driftwood -

In the garage under glass are two seed trays with freshly sown Digitalis purperea (foxglove)

and finally -

winter bulbs poking through.....

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