Saturday, 21 June 2014

New garden species

Today I added another new species to the garden list. Tracey found what she claimed was Hedgehog poo in the garden so - 2 plates of food, a camera trap set up at dusk and - A Hedgehog recorded at 01.48am

This Blackbird also came in at 05.11am. Note the amount of food still left on the nearest plate. When I went out to collect it and the camera trap at 7.30am it was empty so what scoffed it in daylight? 

I had been expecting to see a Cat stuffing it, not this Herring Gull

As it happens it's only the second garden record for Herring Gull

We have also had 2 new Damselfly species today on the bigger pond. One is a Blue-tailed Damselfly, I think the other was an Azure but will have to confirm that later. A Small Tortoiseshell butterfly also used the garden today, the first since March 9th.  

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