Saturday, 14 June 2014

Almost over

Almost over for the nest boxes but first - yesterday morning whilst cycling to work I heard what is only my 2nd Cuckoo in Cornwall this year. For a bird that has already started it's migration back to the rainforests of Congo this is pretty disappointing and I must do better next year.

A nest box round this afternoon in the local woods went really well. Only two dead young pulled out compared to 35 last Saturday. Still got 5 boxes on the go, 4 of the broods are ready to fledge, one box in Stennack is a late clutch of eggs still being incubated. I'll probably check the 5 boxes again  on Wednesday evening. With the remaining boxes having fledged their surviving young, it's not quite over yet but at 95% complete I can honestly say I've enjoyed my first season of nesting in the woods. It's only a ten minute walk from my house and people have stopped and asked me how the boxes are getting on. It's nice that people take an interest rather being being wrapped up in themselves.  One thing I must do better next year is to take more photo's of the boxes.....

Here's a bee that was photographed in my garden this morning. The garden pond also now sports Newt tadpoles and the Butterflies will be on the Buddelia soon.

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