Monday, 7 April 2014

Off the mark

At last, after another 2 and a half days of wind, rain and mist I have eventually got out nesting.

Starting down in the woods I decided to search the area tapping with a stick. Behind the graveyard lies some likely habitat and although tapping with the stick produced nothing I decided to check a Box bush out and hey presto - 1 Blackbirds nest with 4 warm eggs. Great start to the afternoon and real confidence booster. I continued my search but had no kit so when I found a Woodpigeon's nest and another probable Blackbird's nest they have to wait until tomorrow when I can get down with the ladder and mirror on a stick. My gut feeling is that they are last year's but there's been so much rain over the weekend it is difficult to tell if the Blackbird nest is a half built new one or a wreck from last year.

In another section of wood where I have no boxes but used as a way to get home now and again I found another Woodpigeon's nest although it could be Collared Dove and also what I think is a Magpie's nest - once again, job for tomorrow when I have the right kit.....

All in all not a bad afternoon's work for a couple of hours

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