Monday, 14 April 2014

1st Blackbird chick

Up until lunchtime the title for this post was going to be 1st eggs until I found this in the local woods this afternoon. It's a Blackbird chick with an unhatched egg

The nest (pictured below) was found in ivy against a wall

Here we see one that got away. This Song Thrush nest was found in ivy on a holly tree. Use of a mirror on a stick allowed frustrating views of crushed eggshell inside.

 hatched eggshell underneath

The nest was quite easy to see. Unfortunately I found it too late

An overview of the nest site

A Blackbird nest in gorse

4 Song Thrush eggs in gorse - note the mud that's used to line the nest. It's moulded by the females breast.

A mirror on a stick (again) showing 4 Carrion Crow eggs

The mirror on a stick was quite easy to make. The handle is a telescopic landing net handle from Argos and a pair of motor cycle mirrors were purchased on Ebay. Total cost - £18


  1. Hi Simon, Would you mind telling me what make of motor cycle mirrors you bought? Difficult to tell with ones you buy online whether they have convex mirrors or not - convex mirrors may be great if you're a motorcyclist but rubbish if you're a nester! Cheers. Dan.

  2. Hi Dan - I've trawled Ebay and cant find the exact one I bought however this link looks suitable -

    Let me know if you get any problems and I'll look again


  3. Thanks Simon. Just bought them! I'll let you know how I get on :-)