Sunday, 9 March 2014

Stuart, Ravens and Rib-bit Rib-bit

Now, for those of you who managed to get through the last couple of posts with falling asleep you'll know that my memory stick containing my PTLLS presentation to the class on garden nest boxes next week was lost. Still haven't found it. For three nights this week I put it all back together, both the text and the powerpoint presentation and started to write it up neat on Thursday finishing it on my lunch break on Friday. I decided to laminate my four sheets of neat handwriting not knowing that the second sheet would enter the laminator never to be seen again.....

I had the last laugh though, Mr Laminator was well and truly knackered so is now in the bin where he cant harm anybody else's work!! 

I took a walk down the woods yesterday to catch Stuart. I did catch some-one working in the area driving a mini digger. He wasn't Stuart. Stuart didn't live there any more. As it turns out Stuart never owned the woods, just told people he did. The owner was in France. Back in the afternoon so I said I'll call round tomorrow.   

The Rookery in the village has exploded in the last week going from three nests to 16. 

This morning it was back down the woods again to find out who Stuart really was. I met a bloke who was the partner of the owner. A quick chat about nest boxes and nesting and permission was granted. Reckon it's at least 30 boxes minimum to do this area if not more. Don't think I'm going to finish it this season either.

I went to the coast this afternoon, last weekend was four Cormorant and not a sniff of Raven. Today - 10 Cormorant most of which were indulging in a bit of displaying and the bases to two nests had been made. I walked to a Raven site five minutes down the path to see a pair on the grassy cliff face but no sign of nesting activity. On the way back a pair flew past skirting the cliffs and a single one just behind. Just at the top of the incline another two flew across to the farm fields. Having put the binoculars on them they were another five in the area. 12 Raven altogether. There were some good displays of half rolls and tumbling with one taking one a quite lengthy stoop probably from a few hundred metres up only coming out of it just above ground level. 

Butterflies were out today, saw a Small Tortoiseshell in the garden and a Peacock in the woods. Talking of my garden a calling noise has been coming from there today. Frog or a Toad. I have on only 2-3 occasions before seen a Common Toad in the garden. Once under a slate that I lifted and once in the log pile when I was weeding - scared the hell out of me. Anyway, today I thought it was a log pile, stood there listening only to find after half an hour or so it was in the pond. The pond that I dug in August. Well chuffed and well worth the hard work. I hope it finds or has a mate.....  

arrow pointing to Common Toad

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