Thursday, 20 February 2014

I smell nests.....

Typical - Just got in from the garage where 19 nest boxes currently sit ready for putting up on Saturday. Yes 19 not 20!!! As predicted last night I have ran out of screws! Had to run out on the last box!!!

Anyway, I smell nests.With news coming through that Mark has a Raven on 3 eggs in Devon today, this weekend I'll need to check my coastal Raven sites. I know of two sites that are inaccessible for viewing, one that was used two years ago was just a bare ledge last week and I have a feeling that the other site I know of will probably also be a bare ledge as it was fairly low down to the sea on a little islet and we have had some awful weather. We work opposite coasts, Mark works the South coast in Devon, I work the North coast near Portreath which is far more exposed. I'm not expecting anything but one can but try.

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