Friday, 21 February 2014

All change???


I've done a little bit of fiddling about with the blog layout, tidied it up a bit. Holidays could be changing as well. I have a week off in April which will be spent at home nesting then comes the first possible change. I've been getting more and more uncomfortable with the thought of leaving the cats for two weeks when I go to Mull. So plan is at the moment for possibly my auntie and uncle to use the first week and I'll use the second week. My week at home in Aug with a bit of luck could soon becoming a 3-4 day trip to Poland but in Sept as I'm getting increasingly impatient and cant be arsed to wait until next year to go there. I've e-mailed Felix Felgar tonight who is a reputable guide in Poland to see if he can take me on a day trip to the Upper Wisla Valley for the extensive fishponds.

Tomorrow should hopefully see me purchase screws to finish my boxes off, hopefully get at least 10 put up as well as a Tawny Owl box. The Tawny boxes are bloody hard work on your own, it's a big box, heavy, I'm on my own trying to get the box mounted at a height of approx 10-12ft from a ladder. I use 6 large screws to hold them in place and they cost me £10 a time to make. I also want to get to the coast to check on the Cormorant colony to see if anything has started nest building yet, this assuming the ladder or Tawny box doesn't attack me..

I've had to redraw my cutting plan for Treecreeper nest boxes. I thought I'd saved the original drawing for the box style itself in my favourites but I couldn't find that either as well as the cutting plan. I decided to google it and what was the first link to come up - my own blog post from about 3 weeks ago!!!!!........

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