Monday, 7 October 2013

Ringing recoveries from the weekend

The Herring Gull that I photographed yesterday on the Hayle was ringed as a 1cy on 05/12/2011 at Radipole in Dorset. It was then seen again at Radipole on 19/05/2012 re-locating to Hayle where it was viewed on the 3rd Sept in the same year and then again yesterday.

The Med Gull on the other hand was ringed as a nestling in Poland on 20/05/2007 and has subsequently been seen on the dates below at the following locations -

15/06/2007 - Slaskie, Poland
04/02/2008 - Marazion, Cornwall (UK)
18/02/2008 - Hayle estuary, Cornwall
20/02/2008 - Hayle estuary, Cornwall
09/04/2009 - Badminston gravel pit, Hants (UK)
18/07/2009 - Instow, Devon (UK)
20/07/2011 - Taw estuary, Devon (UK)
20/09/2012 - Hayle estuary, Cornwall
10/10/2012 - Hayle estuary, Cornwall
08/09/2013 - Hayle estuary, Cornwall

This gull was seen yesterday 1684 km from place of ringing after 2331 days.

Many thanks to Terry and to the Polish Ringing Centre for their swift responses with the birds life histories.

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