Sunday, 6 October 2013

Osprey and CR excitement

I've made four or five visits to the Hayle estuary in the last month to look for colour ringed birds to no avail. I tried again this weekend with some interesting sightings.

On arrival yesterday the expected group of Stilt tickers were on the causeway, it was a nice bird but not what I was there for so I started to scan through the assembled Gulls consisting of Herring, Great Black-backed, Lesser Black-backed, Black-headed and Med. After an hour I gave up and trudged over to the pool at Carnsew. No luck here either, then suddenly all the Gulls went up. This is nothing unusual so I ignored it however when the Teal and Wigeon went up with them it was eyes to the skies and - Osprey! Absolute beauty, good close up views of this beast as it dwarfed the Buzzard that was mobbing it. As I said, the Stilt was a nice bird but this was just pure excitement, a regular British breeding raptor on migration.

Today I visited again and once again I began to scan. After around half an hour I found this Herring Gull -

 Just as I was about to leave I came across this Med Gull -

 A quick search on the internet on the colour ring website under Projects can be found by clicking here I can tell you the Herring Gull is a bird from Portland in Dorset and the Med Gull is Polish. I have sent the details off so will hopefully receive the life histories soon.

Very exciting to have seen an Osprey and find two colour ringed birds.

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