Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Tonight after work I decided to look for Marsh Tit (MARTI) again. The wind was blowing, a flock of mixed Tit's were passing through, the high tseep tseep of some unseen 'crest action but no Marsh Tit. With 10 boxes ready for next season and more on the way this is getting frustrating as I'm not doing the ole Blue Tit nest box trick with these - put 'em up anywhere half decent. These need to be erected in identified territories

After darkness I took a walk down the road to listen for Tawny Owl (TAWOW). I know this species is down the road in the woods and I know they breed there as young have been seen by a resident in their garden in recent years but tonight - nothing. Possibly too early in the evening, too early in the season but once again - I have timber for three boxes so I need to find them.


  1. Marsh Tit, mmmmmmmm I have some likely looking territories locally but just don't see them, maybe I should make more of an effort and spend more time searching? Good luck with your Tawny boxes Simon.

  2. Wait until Feb-March and use playback of song to find territorial Marsh Tits. They'll react like billy-o come March. Download an mp3 of song from xeno-canto, if nececessary amplify it a bit in Audacity, and then play it on your mobile in likely habitat. You'll need to get the boxes up sharpish though, by early March.

  3. Aye, cheers for that, appreciated.....