Saturday, 28 September 2013


Went over to the coast patch today, interesting 3 months ahead. I have absolutely no records at all from there for October, November and December so I don't actually know if my sighting of only two Herring Gull is to be expected whilst on moulting duties or whether they were in the fields feeding. A Wheatear and two House Martin were present which provided a really nice sight.

The best view of the day though and absolutely gutted that I didn't have my camera - 4 newly born seal pups probably only a couple of days old hauled out onto the shingle beach. 4 adults in the sea close by with one hauled out calling. Hells Mouth truly is a magical place, the noise of a breeding sea bird colony replaced with the haunting sound of seals calling beneath the cliffs.

I'll go back tomorrow to try again.

Also bought 100 quid's worth timber today for nest boxes. Bought some 7"x 1, 5" x 1 and 3" x 1 for Tit boxes including Marsh Tit and a sheet of 18mm marine ply for Tawny boxes.....

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