Saturday, 7 September 2013

162 all out

No, not the latest score from Lancashire County Cricket Club but my probable nest record total for 2013.

At Hells Mouth, the one remaining Fulmar has gone leaving just one adult skirting the cliffs. I will now start a weekly visit to find out when they start to return from their moulting grounds. I know that there are in excess of 90 birds early in January but have no idea when they come back from sea. On a slightly different note I found my first Ocean Sunfish there as well today. I have seen one or two before but this is the first one I have found myself.

I had a look at the Guernsey Gull blog last night (here) which unexpectedly brought me back home - On the site I found a link to Mark Grantham's "West Cornwall Ringing Group" blog which I knew nothing about but can be found here. Having looked at Mark's post yesterday I felt myself inspired to drive to the Hayle Estuary after Hells Mouth to do nothing but look for colour rings. I have never gone out before to look for colour rings and colour rings only but I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was most pleasant just to look at legs rather than identification and numbers. I did find two ringed birds, both Black-headed Gulls but unfortunately they were only silver ringed therefore no details acquired. I will try to do this weekly outside of the breeding season after visiting Hells Mouth.

A Great Black-backed Gull began to attack a Herring Gull (which escaped) but in the process some of the Herring Gulls then mobbed the Black-backed attracting the Carrion Crow to join in. I read about this a few nights ago for Jackdaw in a book entitled "The Crows" by Franklin Coombs whereupon he had witnessed Swallows mobbing Terns only for Jackdaw to join in.

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