Sunday, 16 June 2013

The end of 68 days of recording

The recording for four Cormorants from two nests started as long ago as 9th March and today, for the first time, there was no sign of juveniles or adults as the cards were finally closed out becoming the first successful Cormorant records this year. I still have some on the go mind including one nest that is still two eggs.
Still on eggs (3) is a Shag that's been incubating them for approx. 73 days having been on two at the end of March and three on the next visit on 6th April.
A couple more Guillemot have hatched. Watching these and the Razorbill this year has been a steep learning curve, tricky but easier than I thought and great fun.   
One species I have only made a token effort on though are Herring Gull. Hudder Cover contains 20 pairs with young of which I haven't recorded any and there's probably 50 pairs at Hells Mouth of which I've covered 6. Next year I'll make a proper effort on all sea bird species using this area as I could have added another 6 or so Shag records. Time isn't a problem but the weather has been and I will shortly be removing my fingers from many pies to ensure I can concentrate on the NRS and NRS only.
Here are some Gull chicks

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