Saturday, 15 June 2013

Oystercatcher's gone, Guillemot arrive

Today it was back to the coast again. With the strong wind I wasn't expecting to stay long. As it happened it was reasonably sheltered where I wanted to sit to watch the Auk colonies so 4hrs of effort was put in.
The Oystercatcher chicks if they ever existed have vanished. The parents were still around the nest site today but no eggs and no chicks. The Auk's in Hodder Cove now have chicks arriving as seen in the images below, one has died already (not pictured). It really is a shame to see as they only lay a single egg. So far I have picked up 35 Guillemot records and 10 Razorbill records which, for my first season monitoring these species, I am delighted with.

Guillemot chick

Guillemot chick

Guillemot colony at Hodder Cove

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